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Development – Stage 1

The development part was divided into several parts: Firstly, I wanted to create emphasis on the rank third in the prevalence rate of Diabetes. It would be the main focus in my artifact as it is of much concern for a small country like Mauritius.

Stage 1.1

Thus, I have started with the number 3. I have tried several types that can be used for the number three that creates a better impact. The overall result was not up to my satisfaction.

Stage 1.2

I moved on to create my own number. I have started with circles and converted to sectors to turn it into a symmetrical figure. The process can be seen in the above picture. During the process, I have seen that the upper and lower part of the number three can be used to represent two sets of data in form of a pie chart. Therefore, the number three would have a dual purpose.

Stage 1.3

I developed the idea further and included the key message with the number three which can be read as follows: Mauritius is classified third in the world in the prevalence rate in Diabetes.  The outcome was up to my satisfaction, thus, I can proceed further with the statistical information.

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