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Final Artefact – Diabetes Infographic

Diabetes infographics

All information is arranged in orderly manner with an easy flow in the Diabetes infographic. As it can be seen the main argument, Mauritius is classified third, is the main focus of the artwork. It is to sensitise the general public that it is the concern of everyone and we have to act now to erase that fact. On the following page, I have changed the background colour to dark red as it is an alert colour and it accentuates the gravity of the problem.

Diabetes infographic


Investigating into Information Design (Health) – Part 2

Example 3


Available at http://www.loveinfographics.com/categories/health-and-diet-infographics/diabetes-the-who-what-where-and-how-infographic#!prettyPhoto-31112/0/

This infographics is about Diabetes in UK. It provides information on Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, symptoms, how to reduce the risk and myths. The information are separated using different coloured background. There is less statistics and more written information. Not must visual communication elements have been used for the design of this infographics.

Example 4


Available at http://www.understood.dreamhosters.com/wp-content/uploads/infographic-heart-failure.png

The infographics represents statistics about Coronary Heart Disease in UK. The designer has used a contemporary approach to illustrate his data rather than using conventional charts such as bar chart or pie chart. The area of the square is proportional to the data. Two types of data are illustrated and are clearly identified by the red and blue colour. The blue tone part illustrates the number of death due to Coronary Heart Disease in UK and the red tone part illustrates the number of people living with a heart failure.

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Investigating into Information Design (Health) – Part 1

Some examples and analysis showing information design or data visualisation used in the health sector to sensitise or to be used in public campaign to convey specific message. The information is condensed to be easily grasped by the general public.

Example 1


Available at http://dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/

This infographics provides statistics on Diabetes in USA. The title is written in large type. The numbers are in varied sizes. This is done to create emphasis on the most important numbers and in bigger size such as ‘8%’ and ‘60%’. The other numbers are also written a  bigger size. Dotted arrows is used to ease the reading flow for the viewer. Pictograms, maps and other graphics are used to enhance the  visual communication of the poster. Sans Serif types have been used for all written information as they are easy to read. Written information is short and precise. The colour combination could have been better.


Example 2


Available at http://jess3.com/healthcare-associated-infections-infographic/

The infographics provide information and statistics on infections assiciated with the healthcare sector in the USA. Here once again the most important information are written in the largest type to create emphasis. It is to show the importance of these information for the viewer. Various types of statistical charts have been used to illustrate statistical information such as picto chart, bar chart, histogram and piechart. Sans Serif lettering is used to ease reading for the viewer. The type used is Sans Serif as it is easy to read.

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