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Development – Stage 3

On the third stage, I have developed a series of pictograms for each category for my artifact. I have chosen this type of illustration as is an efficient way of communication. Otl Aicher has created a series of pictogram representing the various sports discipline for the 1972 Munich Olympic Game.  It was used in the Olympic village to indicate the way for athletes and visitors transcending the language barrier.

Stage 3.1

The above illustration shows the development of the pictograms representing a family and a mother with her baby. They were mainly used in the category of people at risk.

Stage 3.2

The development of the remaining pictogram which was a very tedious process as each pictogram had to convey the right message. The pictograms are supposed ease the communication of information on diabetes.

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Development – Stage 1

The development part was divided into several parts: Firstly, I wanted to create emphasis on the rank third in the prevalence rate of Diabetes. It would be the main focus in my artifact as it is of much concern for a small country like Mauritius.

Stage 1.1

Thus, I have started with the number 3. I have tried several types that can be used for the number three that creates a better impact. The overall result was not up to my satisfaction.

Stage 1.2

I moved on to create my own number. I have started with circles and converted to sectors to turn it into a symmetrical figure. The process can be seen in the above picture. During the process, I have seen that the upper and lower part of the number three can be used to represent two sets of data in form of a pie chart. Therefore, the number three would have a dual purpose.

Stage 1.3

I developed the idea further and included the key message with the number three which can be read as follows: Mauritius is classified third in the world in the prevalence rate in Diabetes.  The outcome was up to my satisfaction, thus, I can proceed further with the statistical information.

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