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Image and text relationship

After having studied the relationship between image and text from the David Lewis extract text (2001), I have achieved a deeper understanding on the different interactions that words and image can have. He has provided a comprehensive approach about the subject and has classified this relationship into four categories

1. Symmetry
2. Enhancement
3. Counterpoint
4. Contradiction

I have mainly used awareness campaign adverts to demonstrate the four categories of image and text relationship.






The first advert shows the earth is melting and the text says ‘melting away’.

In the second advert the image shows a giant woman lying on the beach and tiny people around tying her down which is inspired from Gulliver’s travel. The first thing that immediately comes to mind is oversize which is the same as the text in the advert.

The two examples clearly show the image and text convey the same meaning.





The first advert, the image shows a scale. The word that comes to mind is weight. The wording in the scale is as follows ‘300 000 Americans die prematurely each year as a result of being overweight’.

The second advert, two pictograms have been used for this advert. The first one shows a gun pointing in the mouth and the second is smoking a cigarette. The text says ‘still need a catchy tagline, smoking kills’.

These examples clearly illustrate that the text enhances the image and vice versa.





Free rhino poaching awareness poster: My Horn is NOT Medicine


The first advert shows a child holding the hands of a male and female dummies. Without looking at the texts, one might think that the child is playing but the texts say ‘Every child needs a family”

The second advert shows the head of a rhino mainly focused on its horn and the text says the following ‘my horn is not medicine’.

Both adverts show that the image and the text have got different meaning.





The image in the advert shows two glasses of beer and their arithmetic addition comes to 4 which is in contradiction. But it clearly provides the meaning that when 2 glasses of beer are drunk, the effect of alcohol is not doubled but it is more than doubled.