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Data Display

“Above all else show the data.”

Edward R. Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Data is the most important element in information design. When designing an infographic, the key element is to display the data or information in the most efficient manner for the viewer to clearly interpret and understand the contents.


In his book Beautuful Evidence, Tufte shows the importance of displaying the data correctly without interfering the visual pattern and most importantly not omitting any information. Three charts are shown above. The original chart was taken from the classic book The Element of Graphing Data by William Cleveland. The first graph shows the data points with their respective label. The trend in the data is interfered by the label which is not correct. In the second graph, all the labels have been removed and the relation between the point can be interpreted but cannot be identified which is also wrong. In the third graph colour of the data point has been changed to red and the label is written with smaller type. In this graph the relationship between the points can be easily interpreted together with their label without sacrificing any element.


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