Development – Stage 2

On the second stage I have used the 2 statistics of prevalence rate by age group and cause of death by age group and combined them in the number 3. The first set of statistics was displayed in the upper part of the number 3 and the second set of statistics in the bottom part of the 3.

Stage 2.1

The sectors are clearly visible and not confusing. The data for each sector is directly proportional to the their angle. It can be easily seen that the two last age groups have the highest rate of prevalence rate in Diabetes. For the bottom part as well it can be seen that the cause of death due to Diabetes is higher for the last two age groups.

Stage 2.2

The circles behind each data have been removed as it was too bulky. The percentage is displayed using a bigger type and the age group using a smaller type to be able to differentiate between the data and the label. In my opinion, the outcome is clear and can be grasped at a glance.

Stage 2.3

The position of the message has been changed as shown above so as to provide more space for other information to be displayed on the artifact which would be on Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, People at Risk, Symptoms, Complications, Preventions and Blood Sugar Level Chart.

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