Investigating into Information Design (Health) – Part 2

Example 3


Available at!prettyPhoto-31112/0/

This infographics is about Diabetes in UK. It provides information on Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, symptoms, how to reduce the risk and myths. The information are separated using different coloured background. There is less statistics and more written information. Not must visual communication elements have been used for the design of this infographics.

Example 4


Available at

The infographics represents statistics about Coronary Heart Disease in UK. The designer has used a contemporary approach to illustrate his data rather than using conventional charts such as bar chart or pie chart. The area of the square is proportional to the data. Two types of data are illustrated and are clearly identified by the red and blue colour. The blue tone part illustrates the number of death due to Coronary Heart Disease in UK and the red tone part illustrates the number of people living with a heart failure.

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