Mind Mapping – Areas of Study

Information design is almost everywhere in all sectors. It helps to simplify complex information into a simple and visual presentation that can be grasped at a glance. It consists of charts, graphics, images, texts to convey a specific message.

A second mind mapping was done on the areas on which I can focus my work. I have classified the areas of study into main categories which are general public, education, commercial, social, finance and economy, industry and public health. The main categories were the broken down further.

Mind mapping2

I have finally decided to focus my artefact on Diabetes since it is a major concern in public health in Mauritius as we are ranked 3rd in the world with a prevalence rate of 24%.


Available at http://www.defimedia.info/news-sunday/nos-news/item/1283-diabetes-%E2%80%93-mauritius-ranks-3rd-in-the-world.html  [Accessed on 22 November 2012]

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